Five ways to collaborate with Nano Influencers

3 min readSep 21, 2021

When the pandemic hit the world, everyone went the online route. With the increase in users on social media, it is obvious that the number of influencers would also increase.

Businesses turn towards influencers as one form of social media marketing. Since influencers have a great relationship with their followers, brands decide to collaborate with them so that they can reach the maximum number of people through influencers.

Consumers like brands because of the trust factor. And through the influencers, trust is built.

But not all brands or businesses can reach out to micro or macro-influencers because the messages or emails sent wouldn’t be seen by them. That’s when nano influencers come in.

The nano influencers are usually with around 1,000–1,500 followers. They are sometimes considered nano influencers if they have 700+ followers having a good reach with their audience.
These influencers usually work with brands starting with a budget of around $100.

How do brands reach them, though? Even though there are many nano Influencers, they are careful with selecting the sponsorships they want to go for. Chances are, they might even think the brands’ product or service is a scam.

To help them notice and increase the brand’s chances of working with them, agencies need to build and maintain a relationship with the influencers. But just a DM or an email saying you’re from XYZ brand won’t do.

We have put together the best ways through which brands and agencies can collaborate or partner with the nano Influencers:

Giveaways, and Contests

Host giveaways or contests for the influencers in the industry will bring in lots of nano influencers wanting to promote brands. Since nano influencers are always open to sponsorships.

A Sample of The Product

Sending a sample of a product or service to the nano influencers will increase the chances of collaboration with the influencer. If the product or service is to their liking, they will get back to and will want to collaborate.

Invite Them To Be Brand’s Ambassador

Not all businesses can reach micro-influencers to be their brand ambassadors, and sometimes, it is best to invite nano influencers to increase the trust factor for your brand.

Offer Discounts on Products

The influencers would be willing to collaborate with brands discounts are offered on products or services. Even sharing coupons or coupon codes with them will also help in building a relationship with them and possibly gain a collaboration.

Ending Thoughts

Brands and Agencies can go along with the above-mentioned ways and even research further to get the upper hand in scoring a nano influencer collaboration.
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