How to list your platform and Servies in BrandsNeed publisher account?

What is the BrandsNeed Tool About?

BrandsNeed is a work management tool for publishers and influencers to manage their clients and sales all in one place. Advertisers can also track campaigns and publishers.

The tool will help the Publishers get sponsored business queries from the right Advertisers.

Before publishers can start listing platforms on BrandsNeed, they should create a BrandsNeed publisher account.

After setting up Publisher’s account and logging in, a dashboard will appear in front of the screen wherein the Publishers can list their services, accept or reject orders from the Advertisers and track their campaigns.

BrandsNeed Dashboard

To list your platform, find the steps mentioned below:-

Step 1: Add Your Platform

To add new platforms and services, publishers need to click on Add New Platform which is under the Platform Manager section.

Step 2: Select platform
Now click on the “Select Your Platform” button. A drop-down will appear with a list of Publisher services.

The publisher should select the category of their services and fill up the required details.

Once all details are filled up, the Publisher should click on the “Create Platform” button.

Step 3: Verification by BrandsNeed Agent
Upon submission of the platform, the publisher account will be sent for verification to the dedicated Agent.

An Email will be sent to the publisher about the review within 24 hours of submission.

Publisher can add services to their platform by clicking on “Add Services” as shown in the image below.

To list your services, find the steps mentioned below:-

Step 1: Click on “Add Services”

A screen will appear on your desktop wherein you can add services of the platform provided.

For example, Twitter is the platform, you can provide the services you offer from the Twitter platform.

Click on “Select Service”, a dropdown will display with a list of services. Select a service.

After service is selected, type the title of service, set the prices and a similar work link did earlier.

Next in the Description box, enter the requirements, details, and conditions of the services, and click on the “+” button. Once all the fields are filed, click on the “Update Services” button.

Simultaneously, the preview image will be displayed besides, as you fill in the details.

You can also add multiple services to your platforms.

You will all the listed platform and services in the “ Platform Manager”. Edit and Add Services as per your wish.

Platform List
View and Edit Services

What’s Next?

Once the platform is created and services are listed, it will be under verification process by our Agent.

The publisher will receive a unique Profile Page URL wherein it contains the details of the services provided. The profile page can be used to connect with the Advertisers for promotional campaigns.

Once the platform is approved, you will be connected directly with a dedicated agent at your assistance throughout the order.

The agent will help you connect with the Advertisers who are looking for suitable publishers that fit their requirements.

For any queries, write us at:

BrandsNeed Team.

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