Influencer Marketing trends in 2022.

3 min readJan 17, 2022
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Influencer Marketing trends (

2021 was a remarkable year for the Influencer marketing industry as the value reached $13 Billion and was just $6 Bn in 2020. With this Compound Annual Growth Rate(CAGR) that is almost 52%, we can see 2022 will see around $26 Bn.

With the ongoing pandemic and increased use of social networks, Influencer marketing plays a vital role now and has become a serious & primary subject of marketing activity.

According to a survey, 90% of Internet users believe in the impact of influencer marketing and 63% of markets will now increase their budget for the influencer marketing services.

Well, 2022 is surely going to make more milestones with high adaptability and a few new trends to come.

  1. The Employees Will be New Influencers

Companies like Starbucks and Dell have already started using their employees as influencers. With the increasing need of authentic content, the companies will soon begin with their eligible employees towards influencer marketing of their brand.

2. Diverse and Long Partnerships will be more effective

With the increase in the number of influencers and influencer marketing activities, It is a very well understood factor that the Influencers cannot pull up the expected results in one post.

There needs to be a series of creative and authentic content publishing to feed the brand expectations with high intensity.

Either Way , It’s also to be considered to have multiple influencers promoting one campaign in a given time. Companies like Netflix have already started working on this.

3. Videos can create greater Impact

Videos are always being the top preferred way of consuming content, be it for entertainment or learning. A recent survey shows 68% of the audience prefer watching short videos and only 18% of them prefer reading text content.

So releasing your content through influencers on a video will be a strong tool for effective influencer marketing.

4. Micro-Influencers and Nano influencers are in the game now

The macro influencers do have a wider reach and can bring in a good engagement to the content but micro and nano influencers are also raising their hands now.

A survey shows that comparatively, the micro & nano influencers have a higher engagement ratio as they focus on specific regions and interests.

This can be seen in platforms like Tik-Tok and Instagram, the Influencer marketing opportunities there are higher for micro and nano influencers and the results are worth it.

Focus on the Platform

Ultimately, Instagram happens to be the most preferred platform for influencer marketing because of its high traffic consumers, short video options, and more.

But 2021 has dragged the Instagram use for Influencer marketing from 80% to 65%, the platforms like twitch, TikTok, youtube are taking over with more widespread and friendly app use.


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