List Of Famous Crypto Youtubers

3 min readSep 29, 2021

Following cryptocurrency, YouTubers is the best way to stay up to date on all of the current crypto developments.

But that’s only the beginning. They can broaden your horizons, conduct interviews with significant persons, and even provide trade advice.

Various crypto YouTubers, on the other hand, have different styles, and what appeals to one viewer might not appeal to another.

We chose to evaluate YouTubers based on the number of subscribers they have because rating them based on content is difficult. We recommend that you look at them all.

BitBoy Crypto (1.28 M subscribers)

BitBoy Crypto is the place to go for the most up-to-date cryptocurrency news, project reviews, and cryptocurrency trading tips. Learn about other altcoins, Bitcoin’s historical cycles, and the newest Ethereum news. Come be a part of the BitSquad, our online community.

Anthony Pompliano (241K subscribers)

Anthony Pompliano is a co-founder and partner of Morgan Creek Digital, a hedge fund that focuses on blockchain technology and digital assets and is supported by Morgan Creek Capital, an investment management firm. On this channel, he broadcasts videos of interviews and personal opinions, with a focus on technology and finance.

Crypto Zombie (217k subscribers)

Every day, Crypto Zombie brings you the latest Bitcoin, altcoin, and cryptocurrency news! We talk about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, blockchain technology, present interviews with leading fintech projects and professionals, and bring you the most up-to-date and relevant breaking news in the industry!

Crypto Love (220K subscribers)

Crypto Love is hosted by YouTuber Randal and is one of the most popular cryptocurrency-related channels on YouTube, as well as being incredibly amusing.

He is really good at looking at the charts in detail and giving his perspective on what might happen to various cryptocurrencies in the future.

Crypto Love is an excellent place to start if you’re looking for a channel that not only looks at different cryptocurrencies but also trading tactics that you can use.

On most days of the week, Randal uploads a video.

The Crypto Lark (437K subscribers)

The Crypto Lark has been dubbed the “Weird Al Yankovic of the cryptocurrency world,” but don’t be fooled by his look.

Lark Davis, a YouTuber, hosts The Crypto Lark, and he is by far the finest in the market at describing how various cryptocurrencies function in an easy-to-understand manner.

When it comes to getting started in the crypto realm, he’s your best chance, and his terminology is outstanding, thanks to his background in political science and critical thinking.

Lark has several explanatory videos and has interviewed some of the leading players in bitcoin, like Binance’s CZ, in addition to contributing his “two Satoshis” on news and events.

The Ivan Tech (480K subscribers)

Ivan on Tech is one of the best crypto YouTube channels presented by Ivan Liljeqvist of Stockholm, Sweden, who is possibly one of the most well-known bitcoin personalities on the platform.

He is a blockchain educator, software developer, data scientist, and blockchain consultant who has spoken all over the world.

Ivan’s YouTube series “Programmer Explains” is one of the best at explaining how Bitcoin and different cryptocurrencies function.

He is one of YouTube’s most active characters, and he recently launched his “Good morning Crypto” series, in which he live-streams his videos and discusses current events.

Ending Thoughts

Crypto YouTubers are a wonderful method to keep up with what’s going on in the bitcoin world. Some people upload videos on a daily or weekly basis. Observing YouTubers is a great approach to pick up trading tips. You may use these tips for cryptocurrency trading as well as other market instruments.

Keep an eye out for interviews with prominent figures in the bitcoin field. YouTube celebrities are well-known and may host some fascinating interviews.

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