SEO Copywriting: How to write Google optimized content?

4 min readOct 1, 2021

One of the most difficult tasks for bloggers and content writers is to create content that is optimized for search engines while still appealing to humans.

If you want to grow your blog audience, you’ll need to improve your content strategy. SEO copywriting is the most common way to do this.

While SEO can appear to be difficult, it is much simpler than it appears, particularly once you realize that writing for people rather than search engines is a best practice.

How do you create content that is both Google-friendly and persuasive?
That is the essence of SEO copywriting. If you can’t afford an expensive SEO copywriter, don’t worry. You can do it yourself if you obey a few basic rules.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

When you type a search question into a search engine and press “enter,” we all know what happens: You’ll see a list of related search results for your search word.

Those pages of results are the products of search engine optimization (SEO).

The art and science of copywriting is the creation of content that encourages the reader/end-user to purchase a product, subscribe to a list, take a test drive, or take some other action that will improve your business.

Make an effort to reach out to the end-user (customers, clients, prospects, readers, etc.),

What motivates a consumer to act? That’s what a copywriter does. A copywriter is an experienced writer who creates copy for commercials, promotions, and customer interaction. They’re sometimes referred to as “creatives” in the marketing world. This is tailored to online material by an SEO copywriter.

If you grow your talent and perfect your writing skills as a blogger, freelance writer, or online business owner, you will become a sought-after copywriter.

What is SEO Copywriting and How Does It Work?

Since Google began carrying out updates, SEO copywriting has advanced.

You must consider the components of Google’s Ranking Algorithm if you want to produce highly useful content that ranks well in Google.

The goal of SEO copywriting is to create meaningful, persuasive, and beneficial content that targets specific keywords so that others can gladly share it on social media platforms.

This boosts your content’s authority and relevance, as well as its Google ranking for the keywords you choose.

Telling a story

Since humans like good stories, storytelling will help you stand out as an SEO copywriter. You can gain more exposure if you can incorporate your brand story into your blog post, article, or video.

Brand storytelling isn’t a novel concept. It has been used by many brands in the past and continues to be used today.

However, your story should not be solely about you. Find a way to make it interesting to the intended audience instead.

Make use of humor

One of the reasons you should use humor in your writing is to keep the reader/audience interested. You can also use humor to demystify a difficult topic.

They should be eager to click on your headline, read the introduction, and then scroll down the body of the document. That is what persuasive writing entails.

It doesn’t matter what you make if you can do that; people will love it. They will buy anything you highly recommend.

Use case studies

One of the 15 forms of content that will increase traffic to your site is case studies. Case studies can be very effective material. Since they’re so useful, I’ve seen them rank in Google’s top ten many times.

Case studies are often used to describe goods and services. A successful case study would provide details about the tests, observational studies, and interviews you performed, as well as the outcomes.

You are free to share any kind of case study, even if it did not yield the desired results.

Motivate People to Take Action

The capacity of your copy to move people to action is the final piece of the puzzle in this in-depth post. This isn’t difficult because there are so many excellent resources and tools available.

The aim of copywriting is to sell a product, service, or concept. It all starts with selling yourself because you just have 30 seconds to make a good impression and leave people wanting more.

Understanding of why you’re doing, what you’re doing

It’s critical to be consistent with your copy, blog post, and message.

Focus on one idea while writing blog material, and write your post to answer a question, solve a problem, or clarify a complex topic.

Since both copywriting and content writing are critical components of the puzzle, it’s critical to employ high-quality techniques to ensure increased traffic and interaction on your platform.

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