The Ultimate Guide To Influencer Marketing

3 min readSep 20, 2021

In every social media campaign, there’s at least one influencer marketing campaign involved to gain the necessary traction for the brands. Social media influencers love to work with brands as this is a win-win situation for not only themselves but the brand as well.

Getting the right influencer who is interested in working with brands is a tedious process in itself but how do you work with them? We’ll understand the process only once we get started with it.

Here is a quick guide to influencer marketing:-

1. Research
Before getting started with any kind of influencer marketing, researching is always a good thing to do. This will help us to understand what kind of niche we are looking for and if we have the right kind of influencers in our minds. Collect data and understand their followers/subscribers, likes, engagement ratios, etc., to understand them better.

2. Set A Goal
Now you have in mind what kind of influencers you’re looking for. But whom should you choose out of so many of them? That’s when setting a goal becomes important. What kind of influencers do you want to work with? Whether top influencers or micro-influencers or nano influencers? Do you want to work with someone who has 10K followers or 2K followers? All this becomes clearer when you have a clear influencer marketing budget.

3. Use Tools
Now that you’ve researched quite a bit on the things, have set a goal, and are a bit clearer, we need to find a few influencers whom we think are good. But going through different platforms and collecting data becomes a tedious process. That’s why there are certain influencer tools where you could find influencers on different websites depending on your niche.

4. Segment Influencers’ List
Once you’ve decided on what tools to use and have relevant data with you, now you need to segment your data according to your brand’s needs. Decide which influencer perfectly matches your company’s message, whether they would be the right fit for your brand?

5. Start Pitching
Once everything is set and you have the relevant data which is necessary for contacting influencers, the next thing to do is start with pitching them. Catching the Influencers’ eye among the flood of emails and messages they receive is quite difficult. But not impossible. A clear and crisp subject line, a direct but personal email template should make your job easier by 10x times.

Wrapping Up
This was about the Ultimate Influencer Marketing Guide. Working with social media influencers is always a fun job if you have the right set of influencers in your hand. Read our blog on How You Can Choose The Right Set of Influencers to understand this process better.

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