Top Crypto Influencers To Follow On Social Media

3 min readSep 23, 2021

It’s often complex to understand which influencers to follow on social media when it comes to crypto. There are so many influencers who are popular, with different personalities, and different opinions about cryptocurrency.

The crypto influencers are slowly increasing in numbers and this is great as we have a diverse set of influencers to follow with the growth of crypto nowadays. They may be social media influencers, businessmen, founders, investors, traders, etc.

There are many influencers in this community, but you can’t follow everyone here as it might get confusing. It all comes to the relatability, the kind of content you like, and what you’re looking for when it comes to influencers.

We have curated a shortlist of top influencers in crypto so that you can get started with it and start following them:

Vitalik Buterin

If you’re in the crypto community, you will never miss out on hearing his name once in a while, because his contributions to the community have been massive. What with being the co-founder of Ethereum, Bitcoin writer, and developer. Buterin also co-founded Bitcoin Magazine. He currently has around 2.3M followers on Twitter.

Ivan on Tech

If you want to get the best content on Blockchain then this content creator would be your go-to influencer. He has a blockchain education academy focusing on smart money. He has his YouTube channel, Twitter, and Instagram account.

Balaji Srinivasan

An angel investor, Balaji Srinivasan is the former CTO of Coinbase. He is one of the top influencers whom you can follow on social media currently. He founded which Coinbase took over later. Currently, Srinivasan has a follower count of 455K followers on Twitter.

BitBoy Crypto

BitBoy Crypto now has 1.25 Million subscribers on its YouTube channel. His channel focuses on the latest crypto news, project reviews, cryptocurrency trading advice. With 558K followers on Twitter, BitBoy Crypto is considered one of the top influencers to follow on any social media for crypto-related news.


With 97.1K subscribers on her YouTube channel, Wendy has been running interviews, project reviews, discussions, technical analysis, and market updates in the crypto industry. She has 172K followers on Twitter. She is one of the top female YouTubers in the crypto community, known for her contributions.


This channel focuses on the latest Bitcoin and Crypto related news. It also focuses on the analysis and research on the same, and currently, the channel has about 459K subscribers to the channel. With the detailed analysis and research on the crypto-related news, CryptosRUs is also one of the top influencers you could follow on social media to stay updated with the cryptocurrency industry.


These were some of the many top influencers irrespective of their followers/subscribers, popularity, growth, etc. We’d recommend you research more on the influencers you want to follow.
The influencers you need to focus on always depend on your likeability towards them, how much they’re relevant to your opinions about crypto, etc.

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