YouTube SEO things to rank your videos higher

YouTube SEO

YouTube is no longer just a social media platform. People search for things like beauty videos to carpentry videos. There’s no niche that’s untouched on this platform. And gaining traction on this platform is difficult as everyone wants to be a YouTuber at least once in their life. And thus, it’s now a saturated market.

Fortunately though, it’s never too late to get started. You can even get started with your mobile device these days. So nothing is impossible in this digital era.

But along with great content, you need to follow certain SEO to be able to gain traction to your YouTube channel.

YouTubers always follow these SEO techniques to stay ahead of the game. Following them will not help you with content, however, they’ll help you stand out.

Here are a few SEO things to consider so that you’re able to gain traction:

1. Keywords
This is something probably you know as well. Keywords are very important in every platform or website. To optimize your account, you need keywords. The top influencers on YouTube always use SEO keywords. You can find them on their about section, their video descriptions, tags, their video title, or wherever it’s required. Thus, keywords play a very crucial part in Search Engine Optimization. Although tags in the description of your YouTube is not that important according to its new Creator policy, it will also help with the algorithm at least a little bit.

2. Video Title
You probably must’ve noticed YouTube Influencers use titles like “How To..”, “Top 10 Things..”, “Best Places To Visit”, etc., for their title. This is because YouTubers understand what people usually search for, what they basically need. They title their videos in such a way for their video to be first thing on the YouTube search page.

3. Description
Usually, YouTube’s algorithm looks for the first three sentences while searching, so it’s probably best if you add the keywords in the first phrase of your description and then further explain what the video is about. Do not stuff keywords, but also don’t use too little of them.

4. Thumbnails
There are likely not many chances that you would click a really bad thumbnail. The aesthetics of your video is decided judging from the thumbnail. They do say Never Judge A Book By Its Cover but on YouTube, you will have to judge a video by its thumbnail. So that’s why you need to have an eye-catching thumbnail according to your niche’s style.

5. Create Longer Videos
Longer videos help with the audience retention. The longer your videos are, the longer your audience stays. This in turn makes your videos interesting. It doesn’t mean that you will have longer content which does not make any sense to the audience.


When it comes to YouTube, there are so many things to consider for your growth. We need to remember that, focusing on SEO only optimizes your content, but what makes you stand out is what you create. Creating unique content is important more than anything.

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